Shawshank - The Ghost Producer
by Freshsounz, 12/25/11 21:26:14

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Shawshank the Ghost Producer

2010-2011 2X CMA Producer of the Year Award winner and 2011 NCUMA producer of the year nominee! Shawshank The Ghost Producer is a urban beatsmith on the rise and recently dropped by to on the hot seat with Martha & Suniula.


Shawshank the Ghost Producer was born in Paterson, NJ and transplanted to Yanceyville, NC at the age of 15.   He has worked with a wide range of instruments including the bass guitar, keyboard and drums, but, according to him, “can work with anything that makes a sound”.  As a youngster, Shawshank was influenced by his father who was in a gospel quartet called, “The Gospel Tops”, and was encouraged to take piano and guitar lessons by his mother due to his high level of creativity.  He played the bass guitar for his church and experimented with the other instruments at the church after services.  Upon moving to North Carolina, Shawshank was asked to play for a small church and was discovered by a gospel group and asked to play the bass for them.  While working with this group in his late teenage years, he continued to have an interest in the current hip-hop realm and started to host parties in order to get into the local scene.  By hosting these parties, he met several friends who were talented and interested in making it big in hip-hop as artists.  After buying several tracks for the team, he showed an interest in creating his own sound for his artists;  Shawshank the Ghost Producer was born.  He became the CEO and co-founder of CreamDreamz Records and worked with the group in order to create their first album entitled “The First One”, a success in the local hip hop circuit.  Since then, Shawshank has produced tracks for the likes of Red Café, J Hood and MOS and edited and produced scores for documentaries, edited the NC Governor’s Conention DVD in 2008, and even scored a short film with the film company Stone Soup DMI.  His current projects include composing tracks for the gospel rapper “Witness” (formerly known as NyShaun the Trendsetta), Lucky Nick and Mailman Markus collectively known as DanVegas, taken on the position of musical director for the DVD magazine Dirty South Live, produced and co-directed the videos “Money” and “Late Great Me” for Young Fella, and he has been recruited by the Atlanta based production company Team Knocka, a 4 man production crew.  Shawshank’s current love affair is with his Open Labs Neko LX5 workstation in which he is building his musical portfolio in order to prepare for the birth one of hip hop’s leading producers.